Last night was another sleepless one. I camped out on the floor in the nursery and slept off and on from 1am to 6:30am. Jack woke up and threw up in the night. Luckily I had gotten him out of his crib, so he threw up on the changing pad on the changing table.
(Easy peasy to clean!)
This morning was okay. They were tired by nap time and I am anxious to see how they are when they wake up.
I wanted to also mention that we weighed the boys at Urgency Care.
Logan weighs 23 lbs.
Jack weighs 25 lbs.

With their new weights also came a new dose of medicine. Turns out I wasn't giving them enough. I was so happy to hear the doctor tell me I need to give them more medicine. I had been freaking out because the medicine wasn't working to lower their fevers. Now it seems to be helping more.


Andrea said...

Oh man! I am sorry. :( I hope your boys will feel better asap!

Angela said...

I hope your little guys recover fast. It sure is hard to see your kids so sick.

Rox said...

oh no! poor jack, poor logan, poor MOMMY! please take good care of yourself and wash your hands 1,000 times so you don't get it!!
i have to ask, do you think it's better they are sick at the same time, or one after the other?

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

It's definitely better that they are both sick at once. While it sucks to have them both cranky & miserable, I am the one they want at night, so it's better that they're sick together than apart, or I'd be sleepless for weeks!
Also, it's nice they both want to lay low & have less energy than usual. We're just hanging out in the living room on the couch reading books & watching Baby Einstein. If one was well, it might be hard to keep the other one resting.

Kori said...

Hope they start feeling better soon!