be still my heart

{get ready... cause here comes some heart-stopping cuteness!}
I was looking at my beautiful boys tonight in the bath tub, and I couldn't believe that they are mine.
Everyday I get to wake up, walk into their room and kiss their sweet, cherubic cheeks.

When I come home from work, I am greeted to by two grinning toddlers who are as happy to see me as I would be to see a million dollar check with my name on it.

Everyday they are learning.
Sponges, I tell you!

Talking all the time (mooing, meowing...), signing all the time (more, milk...) and laughing all the time (at me, Josh, each other...)

They love to swim.
They love to run.
They love to hide.

They are independent.
They are codependent.

They do their own thing.
They copy each other.

They are their own dichotomy.
And I am loving every minute that I get to sit here & witness it.

Sometimes they sooo look the same.
And other times they could not (!) look more different.

They are the perfect mix of Josh & myself.
But they are also their own perfect selves.

Logan is my {baby} boy.
And Jack is my {baby} boy.

They just melt me.
Be still my heart.

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