34 weeks... a comparison

My sister four days past 34 weeks.

Myself (with Josh) two days past 34 weeks.

It's so funny because I did not think I was that big at the time. But now looking back, I realize that I looked like a HOUSE! I look like I am 52 weeks pregnant. Like maybe there is a five year old in there, looking for the way out. Ha!
I just thought it would be a fun comparison. Although, perhaps more flattering to my sister than to me!


Aniko said...

The beauty of pregnancy cannot be compared from women to women, it is the gracious glow that God gives each of you, uniquely. You as well as your sister made the beauty of pregnancy a joy to watch.

Rox said...

LOL a 5 year old looking for the way out! You are too funny. It's very true, no two pregnancies are really comparable, even when it's the same mom! And especially when one is pregnant with TWINS!!!