week two & a heavy heart

The four of us survived our second week of daddy at school, mommy at work, and babies with grandma's. We made it, but barely. We are exhausted out of our minds.
The boys have runny noses and are teething (top left, maybe canines?/maybe molars?) and are NOT sleeping through the night like the good little boys they were last week. Between the stress from work, our new schedule & my lack of zzz's, I thought I was on empty.
Then on Thursday we found out that Josh's mom, my mother-in-law, the boys' amazing grandma, has a growth in her abdomen. That's all we know so far, and that's been enough to send us all off the edge a bit.
Hopefully next week, after a few follow up appointments, we will know more.
Until then, we are praying.
For peace, for hope, for rest.

Join me.
In prayer.
For the whole Cunningham clan.
When I know more, you'll know more.


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

I hope that it's a benign, not malignant.

I can't imagine living without my mom. She can't leave us. Not yet. I am not ready.

I am sending out the positive vibes to mom. *cross my fingers*

Angela said...

Prayers going out for your family.