one week down

And 177 days to go.

Things went fairly smooth this week, and I was pleased that all my planning paid off. At our house we made the whole living area "kid-friendly", which makes watching them more about refereeing than pulling them away from no-no's.
{A much needed improvement.
And at my mom's house, she has agreed to store everything the boys could need while they are there, so all I have to do is show up with the kids. Easy peasy!

Being away from them was hard.
And both grandma's reported kissing & hugging between the brothers who were also missing me.
But I expect that it will only get better as the boys' adjust to our new work week routine.
Night times by myself have been a breeze. They love to play, eat, bathe & listen to story time. They are also putting themselves to sleep at night, a welcome relief to the craziness we were experiencing in August.

All in all, our first week back was great.
{The boys sleeping 12 hours a night helps!}
Looking forward to the adventures of week two.

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