SIDS Prevention

SIDS prevention is something that I am very passionate about. Josh's mom lost her sixth child (his sister, Margaret) to SIDS back in 1985. Since that time, we have learned a lot about SIDS, what may cause it, and what (if anything) we can do to prevent it.
In honor of my sister, about to have her own little one, I have decided to post all the information I found (on www.sids.org) on prevention during pregnancy & post-birth.

- You are at higher risk if you have a pre-term birth. Seeing a physician while pregnant can help reduce the risk of a pre-term birth.
-Do not smoke or be around smokers while pregnant.
-Risk of SIDS decreases as the mothers' age increases.
-Waiting at least a year between the birth of your first child & your pregnancy with the second one also reduces the risk.

-Place baby on its BACK to sleep.
-Bedding: Use a FIRM mattress, NO covers, NO pillows, NO bumper pads, NO positioning devices, NO toys.
-Sleep your infant in the same room with you for at least six months.
-Do NOT fall asleep on the couch, bed or chairs while holding your baby.
-Dress your baby appropriately at bedtime. Have the bedroom temperature comfortable, and be careful NOT to overdress the baby.
-Continue to avoid tobacco exposure.
-Avoid crowds & people with respiratory infections.
-Clean everything & demand hand washing!
-Offer the baby a pacifier.

Even if you do all of this, the risk is still there, but at least you can rest assured knowing you are doing everything you can.

Some other sites you may find interesting to read regarding a fan to reduce SIDS are:
This one
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Rox said...

Using a fan isn't on there! And question, once the baby can roll over then I use the crib bumper, right?
And NO one sleep positioners, even the ones that keep them on their back? Good to know.
I will pass this information along!!!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

The SIDS prevention website didn't list a fan, but the research for that was completed just last summer through Kaiser. So I trust it. They may not have caught on, or maybe they are waiting for another study to prove the same thing. Not sure. But those two websites I listed at the bottom include the research Kasier did. :)