one of those moments

Tonight when I got home from picking up the boys at my mom's house and running to Fred Meyer to get the groceries that I forgot to get at Winco yesterday, I started making dinner.
While I was making dinner I had one of those moments.
You know, like high school graduation.
Or your wedding.
Or the day you find out you are pregnant.
I had one of those moments.

I am standing there, stirring the spaghetti (which is splatting in a cute red polka dot design all over my recently cleaned stove top) and there are children about me. Running underfoot, making car noises, giggling, pushing their cars.... and it hits me.
This is what I have always dreamed of.

Me, being a mommy, making dinner for my family
{minus Josh who is in class tonight... but still!}
with my babies playing happily.

With all the negative and/or stressful things going on in my life {& everyone else's lives} I thought we could use a happy moment to reflect on.

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Kristy said...

those moments are the best. your heart just smiles. :)