toddler much?

Lately this has been the Logan that Mommy gets to spend time with. When I get home in the afternoons the tantrums begin.
Then again at dinner, he is shouting, throwing food & sippy cups on the floor, and not showing an ounce of patience for waiting his turn.
(Which, unfortunately for him, is a part of twin life.)

And yet again when I start baths, if he hears the word "no" or has to share with brother, he will scream or even throw a tantrum {in the tub!}.
Then it's pajama time, and again with the screaming.
By 7:00, I am done.


And I have to tell you, it is breaking my heart.
He is angry.

And I want to fix it!
But from what I can figure, it's not me he wants. He is missing his Daddy. His grandma. His old life.
He is not yet adjusted to our new "Mommy goes to work, Daddy goes to college" schedule.
And it's breaking my heart to watch him try & figure it out.

I am happy to report that tonight was a little bit better.
I got a few smiles.
And Jack got a few hugs & snuggles.
It's an improvement,
and I will take it.
But I want my carefree, happy boy back!


Aniko said...

Love the pictures. What a great memory this blog will be for the boys. Hang in there kiddo, it will get better.

Rox said...

Logan can be a serious, sensitive little man. Maybe he's adjusting and not too happy about it... hmm sounds like his Momma!
I think getting him and Jack out of the house this week has helped! Every day he has got to do something really fun!