baby love {22 months}

Wyatt still can't tell the twins apart. 
So the other day when Logan gave Wyatt his sippy cup,
Wyatt said, "Thanks, Jack!"

Logan goes, "I'm not Jack. I'm Logan."
So Wyatt looked at him and said, "Thanks, Bogey."


I wrote last month about Wyatt knowing some of the alphabet. It's still shocking to me what a sponge he is.  He has learned two more letters, totaling 18 letters he can now recognize. This is most impressive considering his brothers, who are three years older than him, didn't know any letters when we got to Marshall in August, when they were four years and two months old!  And here he is at only twenty-two months learning.

He now consistently says "What is it?" correctly instead of "Sai yaz it?" like he was before. It makes me proud of him, but also a little sad!

Baby loves his brothers, loves to learn and loves to talk (okay, yell), but more than all those things combined, he loves to read.  He brings us book after book, and throws the most insane tantrums if we say "No" or "Not right now".  He would love to sit and be read to all day long.

His favorite books right now are:
I'm Dirty
I Stink
Grumpy Bird
Alice the Fairy
No David
How I Became a Pirate
Alexander Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going To Move
Hooray For Fish
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

He will bring a book to me or Josh and say, "Please."

We say, "Please what?"

"Read it me, please!" he will answer.

Then we will sit down and he will back up into our laps.
It's so cute!  

And if I'm supposed to be reading and I get distracted (say by one of his brothers), he will patiently point to the page we are on and ask, "Say?" (Like, "what's it say?")  He will do this over and over until I start reading again. 

 We got some Cuties and the twins have been enjoying having them for snack.  
I gave one to Wyatt to try and he said, "Too spicy!"

Then on Thursday night when I was up with him, he was having a terrible fever and I was rocking him while the medicine went to work lowering his temperature and he was talking in his sleep. It was the funniest thing I have ever heard:

Too spicy!
Stop it!
Thomas the train

On and on he talked at random.

 Even though he's getting older, he is still my little sweetheart.

My favorite is when I go in to take care of him at night.  I will scoop him up and sit in the rocker to sing him back to sleep, and he is so tender. He'll touch my cheek and say, "Hi mama!" 

 He will also come up behind me if I'm bent over cleaning something up and rub my back, murmuring, "Hi, mom," while he does it.

 And the other day while I was dressing him he said, "I cute," and pointed to the polar bear on his fleece sweater.  Then he looked at me and said, "Mama cute!"

Aww, love!

 Another cute thing of his lately, is to have his tongue out when he's really focused on something. I absolutely adore it. Climbing on the stairs, doing his puzzles, driving his cars-- whenever he's really trying hard, that tongues comes out.

Our life here in the bush is nothing if not routine.  We do the same things, everyday, at the same time.  So last week, when he wasn't feeling well and fell asleep in my arms on the couch before lunch, it was a rare occurrence.  

Jack saw him sleeping and brought him a blanket. Then he said, "Wyatt is being so adorable right now, mom."  He was right!

In addition to a very regular routine during each day, our weeks have a regular pattern as well.  So consistent that even Wyatt has picked up on it.  Saturday morning Josh took Logan to Saturday Social and the other two stayed home with me.  Then, around 4pm Saturday afternoon, Wyatt started talking to Josh about something and pointing at the oven.  Josh was like, "What are you saying, buddy?" so I listened in.  

He was asking for pizza! He knew it was Saturday, and Saturday night, Josh makes pizza so the boys can have movie night!  Incredible!

Friday night, as I said, the boys were all pretty sick, and Josh was gone at the school dance, so bedtime was a challenge. Finally I just brought Wyatt downstairs.  He was crying and couldn't breathe, and I needed his brothers to sleep.

We played a little bit and then I teased him, telling him to stop, and he replied, "You stop!"  

I can see how he is the little brother. He picks up feisty behavior from his big brothers, and works really hard at being annoying.  It is hilarious!

He has been yelling "Stop!" for a while now, and I am working to replace that with "No, thank you." 

For instance, sometimes the twins will want to hug him, and he's not in the mood. He will scream, "Stop!" and I am trying to teach him to say, "No, thank you" instead.  We're nowhere close.  He prefers screaming. It's his MO. 

{post-nap snuggles with a sick baby}

Luckily "Stop" is not the only thing he says.
He also says, "I love you" to us all the time. 
Particularly Josh.

And if you ask, "Do you love daddy?"
He replies, "The most!"

We love him the most, too.
Our little buddy.


Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh I can't wait to see him and hear him! What a sweetheart!

Krystal said...

He is SO smart

Barb Miller said...

Wyatt is so stinkin' cute...just like his big brothers!

Rox said...

His bottom lip kills me! I can't wait to hear him say all these funny things in person. And his big ol' feet remind me of Ferris!