Spring came to Marshall this week!

On Tuesday it was 28 degrees out and sunny.

So we got the boys helmets and bikes and walked out front to the airport road to ride.

Wyatt wanted nothing to do with me outside, only had eyes for Daddy.

 So I ran up and down the hill out front with the twins.

 Logan was a bit shaky after so many months off,

 But Jack was rocking it!

 We also got to see Angel, which made Wyatt so happy!

I just love how much he loves her!

 And after how sick he has been, it was great to see a big smile on his face.

I also like to see how Jack has warmed up to Angel over time.
He tends to be timid around dogs, and nervous.
But he's finally friendly with Angel.
Which brings me to my next topic.
Spring in rural Alaska means contracts.
Contracts can make you jump for joy, or cry out loud.

Josh's contract made me jump for joy...
but a few other people opted to relocate with their LYSD contracts.
Like our neighbors Audrey and Howie who are going back their home village.
(...and taking their sweet dog Angel with them...)
Like my best girl Susan,
who is moving to Mountain Village.

 Those choices made me cry out loud.

Sorry, Susan.

Knowing Susan is leaving, the three of us (Susan, Leah and I) have been getting together and hanging out as much as possible.

They're my home girls.
My break from motherhood/wife-dom.
My sanity.

And I am so grateful for them.

I am also grateful for the clinic here in Marshall.
The boys (Jack & Wyatt) are still sick.
Green snot, horrible coughs, and a rattle in their lungs.
Then yesterday they both started complaining about their ears.

So Josh took the day off work today to drive them down to be seen.
And we just got a call.  Wyatt has a double ear infection.
And we need to do nebulizer treatments for their lungs.

Which brings me to another thing I'm grateful for:
our community here.
We don't have a nebulizer machine to do the treatments, but Joe & Krista do.
So they loaned us theirs.

I am also grateful that at least Logan is well.
And I am well.
And Josh is well.
It could always be worse.

That's not to say that I'm not exhausted.
I am.
Or I'm not out of patience for this.
I am.

But I am trying to see the silver linings, which are:
They will get better
I will sleep again.
This too shall pass.

Already today, I could tell Jack was feeling better.
He and Logan worked really hard in school.
We are working on sounds, and they are learning so much!

They also made a puzzle together, using teamwork, which made my mommy heart proud.
And they have been working a lot on independent play, which they struggle with.
So that makes me proud, too.

We'll be home in a month, and the closer it gets, the more I am looking forward to sharing them with everybody.

Showing off Wyatt's mad counting & alphabet skills.
Showing off Logan & Jack's beautiful handwriting & letter knowledge.
Buying watermelon, corn on the cob and getting a bag of chips for less than $9/bag.
It's exciting indeed!


Marilynn Raatz said...

I just watched a special on twins, and they did a study and found that identical twins are more likely to work as a team vs. fraternal twins who tend to compete. I love that they worked together!! I hope the boys love my dogs. I will need to tire them out first so they don't overwhelm Jack and Wyatt. I sure hope they feel better soon!! I am so happy I will see you all soon.
Wyatt's cry face is soooo sad. I'm sorry Susan is leaving.

Rox said...

Happy Spring! Bummer about the ear infections and breathing treatments, but happy they'll be on the road to recovery.
You look so pretty in your headband ear-warmer and cute pink rain boots! They remind me of our hot pink room - Pepto Bismal pink!
Wyatt's happy smiles with Angel are contagious, I feel like I can hear his giggle just seeing those. But his sad face breaks my HEART!
Take some pictures with Leah and Susan! :)

Shilo said...

Best wishes for the boys to be back to their mischievous selves asap. I bet those breathing treatments will make a huge difference.We have had to go that route a few times with our youngest and it seems to really clear things up quickly...only problem is it also tends to make kids hyper because of the abuterol :) I really enjoy checking your blog every few days to see what you all have been up too. We are still considering making a move to Alaska to teach once my hubby wraps up his certification so it's nice to get a sense of what daily life can be like out there. It's hard to believe the school year is almost over. We are in session until mid June here in Maine but it will be here before we know it. Again best wishes for speedy recoveries for Jask and Wyatt.