brave dragon

So Jack & Wyatt's cold turned into something nasty that settled into their lungs.
They breathe, they cough.
They laugh, they cough.
They run, they cough. 

So they were prescribed Albuterol nebulizer treatments 
every four hours
for the next five days.

While Wyatt was doing his the first time, 
I told him, "Wyatt you are so brave!"

He replied, "Brave dragon... ROAR!"
Man, I love that baby.

He was getting in extra snuggles this morning with Daddy,
and I had to capture it.  

Just look at that hug!

He touched his face and said, "I love you, dad."
He calls us mom and dad these days.  
No more of that baby-ish "mommy & daddy" stuff.
I mean, after all, he is a brave dragon now.


Rox said...


Cindy said...

No more mommy & daddy! :( Sniff,sniff. It's tough growing up and having to be a brave dragon!

Marilynn Raatz said...

So sweet! I can't wait to get a hug from Wyatt!! I know the breathing treatments help, I can't wait until they're well!

Tab said...

Poor kiddos! Hope the nebulizers start working soon!