another week in washington

The last week has been a whirlwind of playdates, shopping and soaking it all in.  There has been beautiful weather, sunshine and warm breezes, along with happy boys... all making for a delicious vacation for me.

We are loving having a front and backyard.  The boys want to go outside as soon as their eyes open in the morning.  They love exploring, running and have even planted some flowers with Josh.

Josh has been amazing. I think he is really enjoying his time off.  He has loved taking one boy or another to run errands, has been spending time with his brother, and was even generous enough to let me take off for the weekend with my bestie (his sister) Julie.  We road tripped to Medford and oh man, it was awesome.  To be kid free and have hour upon hour of uninterrupted conversation... it was a dream!  

The weekend I was gone (which is the first time I have left Wyatt and therefore the first time Josh has had all three alone overnight) Logan started suffering allergies, so Josh got him allergy medicine; he bought new sunscreen for the kids; and he was such a fun daddy.  They had a squirt gun fight, played in the sprinkler and went to the park to ride bikes.

He said the weekend was great, mentioning that as long as you keep the kids busy, it's not all that bad.  Except bedtime.  He was so funny when I talked to him.  He said he lacks my gentleness about bedtime.  I loved his honesty!

 I also left Wyatt for the first time this summer.  It was with my mom, for just a few hours, but I was happy to hear he did great. No tears at all.  I would even say he had fun!  I wasn't sure how he would do after having such access to me (all.the.time) in Alaska. But he has done really well adjusting to all the people around who love him so much.

Like Julie's family.  Wyatt has warmed right up, and we are all so glad.  He is everyone's favorite.  And the love is mutual.  He adores Julie's sweet, silly husband who always plays games with Wyatt; and he loves all of her boys, but especially Ethan, for some reason, who takes him on the trampoline.  He even said, "I love you, Ethan" all on his own. Swoon!

{The boys' bracelets, for those who asked, are simple ID bracelets for my peace of mind}
Today he spent the whole morning talking about Milo (my sister Roxanne's son) taking a shower. I think that he thinks that's funny.  The boys keep arguing with him that Milo takes baths.  But he insists that Milo showers.

My sister and I have already had a handful of playdates.  The kind that are casual (no house cleaning and no agenda necessary) and we are so happy to be living next door to each other!

Our family has some camping trips coming up, and lots of parties and get togethers.  We also have a lot more doctor appointments.  The boys have had their shots, and been to see the eye doctor, who, funny enough, is the boy I spent most of eighth grade in love with.  Brett Richardson.  I have decided that I must have really good taste. Ha!

He was amazing with my boys, still as nice as ever, and was able to explain to me their eyes and get us the best prescription possible.  It's been awesome.  I take Wyatt in next week.

Playdates and doctor appointments have all been fine, but I will tell you that adjusting to other things here in town is difficult.  There are so many freaking people!  In the store and on the road. And no one smiles anymore. Or waves.  It makes me sad!

So I have been making an effort to slow down myself. To not be in such a hurry all the dang time.  And to really slow down here at home.  I committed this week to reading at least five books during the day to Wyatt.  If I start to read to him *he would let me read all day from sun up to sun down* I notice that the twins will gravitate over and pretty soon, I have a pile of boys in my lap, relaxing and listening.  I have also been making bedtime my number one priority. Starting early, taking it slow, reading books and doing prayers... everything in an effort to make bedtime peaceful and end the day feeling like a good parent.  

I still can't get over how green things are here. I can't get over the warmth and the joy of taking my boys outside.

I also got my hands on some Kahlua, which was lovely when we had a BBQ last week, and had my first Panda Express in nine months, which was KILLER!

I have yet to go to the movies, but it's on the list of things to do, as I miss it terribly.  

The baby turns two on Saturday. Saturday. As in, four days from now, he will be two years old, and I cannot wrap my mind around it.  There has been talk of Baby Number Four, but Josh and I are both feeling content for right now.  Jack wants me to have another baby, a girl specifically, and would like to name her Peach after Princess Peach on Mario... That kid!  

The house, I must again mention, has been perfect for meeting our needs, and we find that we're spending a lot more time just hanging out... Playing in the backyard, having people over or riding to the park near our place.  It's so awesome to let the kids play as loud as they want, to have so much space for them, and to be right in town where we want to be.

There's a lot to be thankful for right now,
and I am feeling just that.


Rox said...

I'm looking forward to camping, Washougal river and the movies! I have to say again, I love the big boys' short sleeved, striped hoodies! Ahh, too cute.

Julie said...

You're not on board with a little girl named Peach?! That's hilarious! Our road trip was super awesome! Who knew sitting in I-5 traffic for a couple of hours could be so much fun? Thank goodness we didn't run out of food ;)