Rockaway Beach Getaway {Part Two}

Our second day in Rockaway started gloriously...
all three kids had slept through the night!!!

We got ready for the day, while Wyatt showed Grandma 
his favorite show (Baby Einstein) on the Tablet.

Then we went on a short walk while Josh loaded the car.
Wyatt fell in love with this truck.
He walked all around it, petting it.
He's so funny!

Soon we hugged and kissed grandma & grandpa goodbye and headed off to Hug Point
for a little bit of adventure.

It had been raining while we drove, but as soon as we parked, it subsided.

So we ventured down onto the beach.

We told the boys we were going on a bear hunt, 
and we walked toward the cave.

We did not, sadly, find a bear. 
But we did find a creepy moth thing that scared the bejeezus out of Logan and me!

Wyatt was so happy to be out tromping around in the snow sand again.
I just typed snow instead of sand.
Alaska much?

I have enjoyed, since being home, all the green.  The trees, the plants, the grass. Every bloom makes me do a double take.  I am trying to store it all in my head to pull out when the days are dark back in Marshall!

This little one (Jack) was very into the adventure-- he took off on his own, following trails and exploring.  He found some bugs, a little creek and lots of cool rocks.  I loved watching from afar as he explored.

And of course, I enjoyed watching Wyatt and his daddy.  
Oh that boy and his daddy.

Nothing but love, love, love.

It's definitely mutual!

The ocean was beautiful,

the scenery amazing.

I kept breathing in. Reminding myself to slow down, enjoy the moment, remember these sensations.

After a good while exploring and adventuring, we were off to finish the rest of our journey:
a stop in Seaside for some little boy clothes shopping,
and then home for appointments the next day.
At Seaside we went to lunch.  Josh and I agreed that it was our best dining experience since having children.  The boys were all well mannered, ate their meals, and we got to eat ours, too!  They visited kindly and colored the little crab coloring sheets the waitress had provided. It was so lovely!

We then headed for the outlet stores- our eyes mostly on Osh Kosh.  I will admit, I was overwhelmed. The boys had ZERO summer clothes, and everything was on sale.  I took a deep breath and dove right in.

Josh took Wyatt and wheeled him all around in the stroller until he fell asleep.  Meanwhile, I was in the dressing room with the twins, frantically trying on different sizes and styles, seeing what worked and what didn't.  
We ended up with three short/shirt outfits, two sets of basketball shorts with coordinating tanks, two pair of jeans and three sets of shirts for the twins.  We also got four outfits for Wyatt (some of which match the twins, which kills me!) and two sets of jammies for our little brother.

After being so good (seriously, amazing!) during the whole shopping process, we rewarded them, shamelessly, with some time at a bouncy house/playplace in Seaside.  This wore them out, and we then headed home.

The drive was peaceful, with two big boys passed out in back, and also beautiful.

Josh and I just kept shaking our heads in disbelief at how smooth and relaxing the whole weekend was.  We are just so happy with our little family.  And so blessed.

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