Happy Birthday Logan & Jack

Oh they grow.
They grow and grow and don't even apologize.
Today my babies, those boys who made me a mother, turn five.

I remember, clearly, the day Josh said we could try for a baby.
I remember the pregnancy test, the ultrasounds, & the hiccups, in two distinct locations in my belly. 

I remember choosing their names, envisioning their faces, 
and wondering if they would look alike.
I remember holding them for the first time, opening the receiving blankets like a present, 
counting fingers and toes, and taking in every detail of their perfect, tiny bodies.

I remember when they started signing. And talking.
I remember when they started crawling. And walking.
I remember when they started drawing. And writing. 

I have been blessed to watch so many milestones.
To have been a part of the magic that was their first five years.

I feel amazed that I have survived five years of parenting twins.  
I feel amazed that these boys are mine.  
I feel amazed, still, that I get to witness these two, and their incredible bond, firsthand.

I feel inspired by the boys they are becoming.  
I feel inspired when they use their manners, act in kindness and practice gratitude.

I feel hopeful that I have enjoyed every moment, making the most of it. 
I feel hopeful that they are becoming who God wants them to be.  
And I feel hopeful that the future will be as wonderful as the past has been.
 Logan, you are the light of my life.  Your laughter, spontaneous hugs and little voice bring joy to me everyday.  You are so clever, so silly and so sweet.  I can't wait to see the man you become. And I am going to enjoy the ride.

Jack, you are the sunshine of my heart.  Your giggles, snuggles and desire to help me all the time make me so happy.  You are so smart, so funny, and so tender.  I can't wait to see the road before you come to fruition.  Your life is just one big adventure, and I am so happy to be a part of it.

I love you boys.
I love you together, and apart.
I love you with my whole heart.
And so does your Daddy,
and so does our little Super Wy.


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Rox said...

Happy birthday to those sweet, silly, fun boys!