Rockaway Beach Getaway {Part One}

 We went to Rockaway Beach, Oregon this weekend to visit my grandparents.  The drive was awesome (good kids, gorgeous scenery, and fun conversation) and we were happy to get out of the house for a few days since they were replacing the windows here.

The weather was so kind to us, and we got tons of outside time in.

 We drove up and then had lunch at the Cow Belle, per tradition.  The boys ate really well, and had such good manners.  We've adopted another grandma, Shirley, who is a close friend of my grandparents.  She loves our boys and spoils them rotten.  She joined all of us for lunch and we showed off Wyatt's mad alphabet skills!

After we ate at the Cow Belle, we walked home to Grandma's and got the kids ready to play at the beach.

We set up our beach blanket and threw sand toys everywhere, and off they went.

Digging and imagining and enjoying.

Meanwhile, Josh and I just sat back and basked in the sunshine and the glory of having kids at these ages, where they can play (even for small blocks of time) independently.

 Wyatt eventually tired of playing with sand toys, and started just running, "falling" down and then rolling in the sand.

It was hilarious to watch:

 Josh played frisbee with Jack for a while,

 and the twins laughed as Wyatt played out his beach front antics.

 Then we ventured closer to the water.

It was so fun to watch the boys take it all in.

Especially this little one who has no recollection of a day at the beach.

Grandma joined us for a while, watching and laughing.

 It was just the best time.

We dipped our naked piggies in the freezing ocean water,

 and let our feet sink in the slushy quicksand on the shore.

 Daddy kept Wyatt out, but he kept begging,
"Wanna take a bath, Dad.  Wanna take a bath."
His way of letting Josh know that he wanted in.that.water!

When we finally left, it was only to fill our tummies with delicious Tillamook Ice Cream from the Picnic Basket on Hwy 101.  I got plain vanilla, and it may have been the best thing I've tasted yet!

The boys enjoyed their delicious afternoon snack, and afterward we did a little shopping at Flamingo Jim's, our favorite shop in Rockaway.  The boys got airplanes, and I got slippers and a Rockaway sweatshirt-- it's rainbow and SO happy!

I love this little town. I love that my grandparents are here, I love that it feels like home, and I love that everywhere I look there are views that take my breath away.

There is more to come from Day Two of our little getaway.
Stay tuned!


Rox said...

I'm laughing at Wyatt! Great pictures. Gosh he's funny. I want to see your new sweatshirt! Glad you had a fun and safe trip.

Alida said...

OH I envey all of you and the fun you are having at the beach. Wish I were there.
Looks like s good time.

Katie said...

I love all your beach pictures! It makes me excited to go this summer!