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So... with July upon us, I have decided my rainy outlook & nervous pessimism has got.to.go.  How? I asked myself. How am I going to STOP WORRYING and start having fun? How am I going to enjoy this sacred times here in Washington?  How indeed.

I am going to make a summer bucket list.
I am going to find all the things I want to do/will do/dream of doing, and compile them into a list of sunshiny happiness.  That sunshiny list of happiness will spark excitement in my soul. It will inspire me to be in the moment I am in and make the most of everyday.

Summer Bucket List:
Run through the sprinkler with the boys
Do the slip & slide
Sand castles on the beach
Build a dam in the Washougal
Jump off the rock
Look at the stars
Make a wish, or three, on shooting stars
Sit around the campfire, listening to my dad sing
Roast marshmallows
Eat watermelon
Read. To the kids.
Read. To myself.
Take the boys on a real hike with my dad
Make rhubarb pie with my mom
And lemon bars
Go to the movies with my husband
Do sparklers with the twins
Collect rocks to take home with us wherever we go
Road trip to Montana
Get sandal tans
Eat at the Cow Belle on more time

I am also going to make a list of things that I am excited to do/continue/start once we are back in Marshall.  Alaska will occasionally jump into my head, and I picture myself (circa last year) in line to check our bags at the airport, crying like a baby with a lost pacifier, sobbing all the way through the TSA check.

No more!

I cannot worry about what August 13th will look like.  I instead must embrace today. Live today. Love today!  So I am making a list of things that will get me excited (like the sunshiny happiness list, but different) for the idea of going back home.  I will keep this list and refer to it when the thought of leaving here gets me down!

What I'm looking forward to:
Back to normal
Getting on a schedule
Waking up before the boys
Having meditation/journal time
Keeping up my Gratitude Journal
Kindergarten with the twins
Teaching Wyatt numbers
Teaching all three boys sight words
My own shower
My own belongings
Krista & Joe & their {adorable} kids
A slower pace
Date night
Homemade bread
Homemade tortillas
Homemade pizza
More consistent blogging
Emailing Julie everyday
Being in our beautiful house, with its beautiful views

I reserve the right to add to these lists at any time!
Meanwhile, I am embracing a new motto I came across at the craft store:

{Credit: here}

"Let whatever you do today be enough."

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The Studers said...

I am a list-girl through and through too! Always makes me feel better to list it all out.

I also read a beautiful post today - your post today reminds me of it :)