end of summer update

I am still not well.  I haven't been well, really, since before my wisdom teeth removal three weeks ago.  I am super bummed about this, as my time here is so precious.  

I have, luckily, managed to have some fun despite not feeling great.

We leave Vancouver this Saturday for Montana, which means I have three days left to get everything stored, shipped and packed. Eek!  Luckily my mom, sister and sister-in-law have been amazing about helping with the kids, so we are getting it all done quickly.  

Yesterday I got a haircut, ran a million errands, and shipped $387 worth of boxes to our house in Marshall.  Today Josh is running errands while I clean and wrap things up at the house.

I feel like everyday I am saying goodbye. Goodbye to roads, to restaurants, to friends, to family.  It's exhausting.  I am tired. Dead tired. Running on empty, but not wanting to stop for fear of wasting my last days here.

{He's perfected "the pout"}
I had hoped to blog about all of summer before leaving here, but I just don't think that's going to happen.  I guess it will give me something fun to do once I get to Alaska August 13th.

I am also super looking forward to homeschooling the twins' for kindergarten this fall.  Josh and I spent some time at Learning Palace, filling in the spaces in my curriculum. I am nervous, but the good kind.

I am hoping to do two new challenges once we hit Marshall:
One is a No Yelling Challenge (it's something I do that I hate myself for)
and the other is One Fun Thing A Day (I read about this in a magazine & loved it!)

I am considering when to start potty training Wyatt, which will happen at some point this school year. The idea of no diapers is very (very!) exciting after five years!

{This is what packing looks like... yikes!}
My mantra for the next few days is:
"Let whatever you do today be enough."

As I lay  my head down on my pillow at night, thinking over all the mistakes I made, patience I should have had, and things I should have accomplished, I am going to repeat that to myself until sleep comes.

Here's hoping it works!


The Parsons said...

Henry and Wyatt have the same orange stripped outfit!

The Adelman Twins said...

That flew by! Our summers were both so busy. Sorry we never got together. Next time you come down, I will not let this happen again :)
Happy travels!

Betsy said...

I have read your blog for a while now and admired your Alaskan Adventure! Your boys are adorable! I have two kids nearly the same age as your boys, and so many times I have read about struggles (behavior, etc.) and said to myself "yes!". Enjoy the last leg of your summer adventure, and hope you are feeling better soon!! Where in MT are you traveling to? I live in Bozeman, enjoy our pretty state!!