Where I live summertime means: 
camping, swimming, beach trips & bike rides.  
All the best things life has to offer.

My favorite spot in my {summer} house is: 
The living room.  
It's nice & cool and the boys love watching Netflix in the air conditioning!

I'm pretty proud of myself for: 
making the most of the summer; 
repacking so many times 
(for camping, visiting my grandparents, our road trip to Montana, 
and finally for our impending departure) 
and for taking so many pictures.

My favorite summertime treat: 
Normally I would say strawberry shortcake. 
But this summer it was a brownie treat Josh's sister made me.  
It was delicious COLD or *warmed up* in the microwave. 

I am inspired by: 
New books, good quotes & beautiful things.

5 words that best describe me:

One thing every room in your house should have:
A clock.

The best thing about being a blogger:
I love sharing stories with others.  
Particularly with other moms.  
I love the feeling of connecting with others through like experiences.  

And for my own sake, I love having the blog to look back on.  So much of motherhood is a blur, it's nice to be able to click on a month (say August 2009) and see what life was like during that time.

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Marilynn Raatz said...

The 5 words I would describe you are:
And thank you for blogging!!!!

m e l i g r o s a said...

“One thing every room in your house should have:
A clock.” OMG this is my mom, she has biggest affinity with time. I'm the complete opposite (of course..uhuh) but I am VERY punctual. and no, she wasnt :)
now we can totally joke about it, when I stay with her all clocks are put away and in a drawer (all that ticking drives me crazy! i have such acute, GOOD hearing..)

Im in my 30s and though I am not a mom I love reading your blog from time to time. found via yes+yes and one of my fave additions to my feed.
thanks for being so cool and a such organized mom, dunno how you awesome moms do it. ill ask my own tomorrow :) hehee xxom