We The People

{Samuel & his fiance Tiffanie, me & Josh, Julie & Conrad}

{Blake, Milo, Roxanne & Logan}

{Grandpa's first selfie!}

{My very favorite lady, Grandma Pansy} 

{My sister, myself, my mom}
Summer is all about the people.  My mom, sister & grandparents; Josh's mom, sister & cousins; our many nephews... Not to mention all my friends.  I feel so lucky that I spent the last three months talking, laughing and enjoying the company of all my people.

As we prepare to say goodbye tomorrow morning,
I want to say to my loved ones:


In the past I tried to reconcile calling both Washington and Alaska home.  I have since discovered that home is not a place, it's a feeling.  And for me, that means I have two homes.  In May I came home, and tomorrow I go home.  How blessed I am.

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