Berry Hunting

As has become tradition, we joined Josh's class on their field trip berry hunting near Mt. Pilcher.  The boys love searching for berries on the tundra and climbing around on Mt. Pilcher once we're done.

{See the birds?}

This is the "road" we take out.  It's quite bumpy!

The berries (cranberries, salmonberries & blackberries) all grow close to the ground, on the tundra.  We didn't find any salmonberries, but plenty of blackberries & a few cranberries.  The blackberries here are different than the ones I grew up with that looked like black raspberries.  The ones here are like small black blueberries.

The tundra cover is a mix of different plants, and very, very bumpy to walk on.  The water settles into the low parts, so you can walk along and suddenly be knee deep in a puddle.  The tundra has a lot of give, it's super spongey.

{The road up Mt. Pilcher}

Strangest thing ever to go on a field trip & have the teacher carry a gun.  Am I right?!?  But just the day before our trip, a black bear was spotted near Mt. Pilcher, and we live in one of few places where both black & brown bears live.  So we had to be safe!

The students got out to climb around Pilcher.

While Wyatt slept peacefully on my lap.  All that exhausting tundra walking did him in.

{Sweet sleepy boy}
{Those colors... spectacular!}

In addition to berries, we found caterpillars.  Our boys got one that we kept in a jar in our house as a pet for two days.  Then the boys decided to set it free.  

I am so grateful when my boys get to experience things like this.
Thanks for taking us along, Josh!

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Kimberly said...

There is so much beauty in the tundra! I have never seen blackberries like that before. Do they taste the same as the raspberry looking ones? Looks like such a fun field trip...just a little cold!