The Dump

I talked to you before about "those" parenting days. And how sometimes on those days, we take walks.  Because of where we live in relation to the school, we tend to try and stay off the main road during school hours because we provide a distraction to the students trying to learn in the building.  So that means when we walk, we head either uptown or toward the airport.  On the way to the airport is the dump.  My boys are fascinated by the dump.  They love to drive with Josh to drop off our trash and would really love to go poke around in there.  (Sorry but no, boys!)

So one morning when we were having a rough start to our day, we took a walk to the dump and enjoyed some sunshine.  It's a strange destination, I'll admit, but I guess that's the life of a mother of boys!

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Eric Bynum said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm hoping to move to Alaska to teach next summer and love to read about how others have adjusted. Do they burn the trash there at all? Just curious how it's dealt with.