Branstetter Reunion

Part Two of Reunion Tuesday is our Branstetter family reunion.

It has become tradition that each summer we do a Branstetter reunion at Lewisville Park.  The Branstetter side is my mom's side, and includes my mom & her two sisters (plus all their offspring, and their offspring's offspring) as well as their uncle & his wife, and their children.

My cousin Kasey showed up on motorcycle and Wyatt was thrilled to jump on.

He thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Jack is STILL talking about how next summer cousin Kasey is going to give him a ride around the neighborhood!

Kasey's older sister, Kris & her wife Ang, have twins who are Wyatt's age, a boy & a girl.

& Sidney

The person I most look forward to seeing comes all the way from Hawaii with her hubby and two sons.  Amy is my mom's cousin and is the sweetest person ever.  

I love talking to her about living remote and raising rambunctious boys!

Her son Kahlil.

Her little sister Stefani also has a little boy, Cole, who has the most beautiful brown eyes you ever saw.

My cousin Kasey's daughter Elexus was in love with Wyatt.  

They were even wearing matching Saltwater Sandals!

My mom, dad, sister & her family were there as well.

That's my mom pushing Ferris (my nephew).

Boy pileup on the slide!

My dad & Kasey

Stefani, Amy, Hailey, Jenn, my mom, Wyatt & Logan

I love so much sitting around visiting with these girls.
I can't wait for next summer!!!

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