Small Group Girls

One of my sweetest, slowest mornings of summer was spent with my small group bible study girls from seventh grade.  Yep, I've known these lovely ladies since the days of choker necklaces & converse low tops.  For years we met on Monday nights at Nancy's (she was our small group leader) and as we ate our way through her Life Savers Wint-O-Green mints (only occasionally sneaking into the bathroom to watch as they lit up the mirror when we bit them in the darkness) we would share our innermost fears & wishes.

We wrote vows to our future husbands, promising to save ourselves for them; shared prayer requests and more than once, shed tears together as we grew from awkward pre-teens to beautiful grown women.

Getting together this summer, we got to connect as wives & mothers, and they were the most deep and meaningful conversations.  Each of us, at one point, was moved to tears during our time together.

These girls hold my history, my prayers and my relationship with God.  They know my struggles, my triumphs... my very heart.  And it felt good that morning, to be cradled by them.

I love you girls.
And I am forever grateful you are in my life.

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Anonymous said...

Oh loved seeing the picture and reading your heartfelt words! May God continue to bless you beautiful ladies.
(From Katie's gramma)