Leah & Martin

Part One of Reunion Tuesday (a holiday I invented all on my own so I could blog about some fun reunions from the summer) starts with our best Alaska friends Leah & Martin.  

Leah, as well as Martin, came to visit & stay with us when there was a training in Portland Oregon this summer.  They stayed with us for a week in our summer rental.  It was so fun to have them meet some of our family & get a taste of life in the Pacific Northwest.

Leah is a kindergarten teacher, whom my boys adore; and Martin is the assistant principal in Marshall, whom Wyatt is particularly fond of.  I am so grateful for all the friends we have in Alaska, and spending time with them this summer helped me feel good about heading back in August.

While Leah was staying with us, I had to have her try Tillamook ice cream.  She's from Pennsylvania, so she'd never had any before. Just looking at that makes me miss home-- I want some Grandma's Cake Batter!!! 

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