Elementary Cross Country Meet

The boys were so excited last Friday.  Russian Mission (a neighboring village & fellow Lower Yukon School District school) came for an elementary cross country meet and we got to participate.  They came by boat, and I hear it took roughly two hours to get here, and even longer to get home, cause it's against the current.

They did races starting at preschool age and ending with sixth graders.  All three of our boys ran their hearts out and my mama heart was so proud!

Waiting for the races to begin.

Wyatt loves his gloves-- they have basketballs on them!

My beloved husband, affectionately known as "Mr. C" to all the kids of Marshall.

Jack, his best friend Charly, and Logan

Wyatt ready for his race.

Ready Set Go!

My guys:

"Brothers don't shake hands. Brothers gotta hug!"


First Grade Boys Short Race:

My sweetheart capturing the action!

Wyatt taking a rest after his race.

{Mt. Pilcher}

First Grade Boys Long Race:

Shoulder Rides!



A packed playground!

What a wonderful day we had.  
I loved seeing the joy on the kids' faces when they were running.
My boys are still talking about it!  


The Adelman Twins said...

Love this!!! Run boys run!

Marilynn Raatz said...

I love these pictures. Logan with his race stance, Josh with the camera, and so many smiles! Wyatt is so cute, and the twins are so handsome.

Anonymous said...

That's nice your kids were allowed to participate when they don't attend the school.