Kari's Baby Shower

One of my oh-so-sweet friends Kari is expecting her first, a girl, so her sister and I co-hosted a shower.  And by co-hosted, I mean that Kori planned everything, and I vacuumed my house!  It was a beautiful, quiet shower with lots of good food and meaningful conversations.

{Mom of Honor Kari}

{The cake was a challenge to cut, but delicious to eat!}

{Kori's boys were there, and they were AMAZING the whole time!}

{Twin sis Kori}

{My sister & Kari... Sorry, Kari. I had to!}

{My mom & new-mom Nicole}

At Carter's Logan picked out that fuzzy suit for Kari.  Unbeknownst to him, Wyatt had the same one when he was a baby, and Kari's baby will be born during winter in Michigan... so it will come in handy!

Kari-- I am so happy for you.  
In a few months you will meet Cadence and will be what you've always dreamed of: a mommy.  I wish for you joy in the last bit of pregnancy and health throughout the delivery and homecoming.  
I can't wait to see her!!!


PS: Yes, readers, a lot of things you see in this post (mainly the pom strands & the lanterns) were gifted to me once the party was over and now live joyfully in my playroom/schoolroom in Alaska.

PPS: If Kori Hiser ever invites you to a party, do yourself a favor and RSVP yes because she has epic game prizes and out-of-this-world gift bags!  I won a year subscription to US Weekly!


Kimberly said...

Oh my gosh, everything is so pretty! Makes me want to plan a baby shower!

Anonymous said...

Damn!! That's awesome!! I love prizes like that!