Josh on the River

Josh has been out on the river three times now hunting moose with friends (some coworkers, some from the village) who own boats.  He took these beautiful pictures, which I think capture the amazing place we live.  He's been unsuccessful thus far, but he did see a black bear when he was out last time, and he shot a duck when he went out the first time.  Today he's out again, and we're both really hoping he finds something!

These pictures were taken on the Yukon river and connecting sloughs around the Marshall area, as far away as Russian Mission.

{Someone's Fish Camp}

There is a natural spring here, and someone attached this pipe to make it easier to drink from. Josh drank from it, and he said it was the best water he's ever had.

He knows I am a total geology nerd, so he took these amazing rock pictures for me.

While hunting moose with a friend, he assisted with harvesting punk, which apparently grows on the trees and is used to make homemade chew.

{Humongous piece of Punk}

{Bald Eagle}

Josh said every time he's out there he can't believe this is where we live.
It's so amazing.


Courtney Romine said...

Just gorgeous! Makes me jealous to see all the trees you have upriver. :)

Kimberly said...

Love the rocks, the bald eagle and that gorgeous sunset!

Katie (Your New Jersey Fan) said...

Oh my, the last picture is frame worthy. Gorgeous.

I've always said Alaska is God's country. You are blessed to live is such a magical place. I can't wait to go back someday (hopefully sooner rather than later!).