What do you do...

Every night when I tuck the boys in, Wyatt asks me to rock him. I would say I do it 50% of the time.  Last year I had him completely weaned from being rocked, but when we got back this year and he asked (cause the sudden appearance of a rocking chair in his bedroom-- we didn't have one in Washington-- meant that someone must be rocked!) I acquiesced.  

Now, I am not sure this was a good idea.  I feel awful when I say no, but sometimes I am just done. I want to kiss his baby-fat-filled forehead and walk out the door.

Other times, I nearly tear up when he asks and say yes before he finishes the question.  Then I scoop him up, taggie & all, and proceed to rock & sing, sing & rock, until he's nearly asleep, then transition him to his giant bed.

How do I balance letting him grow up (wanting him to grow up!) 
with letting him still be baby (wanting him to still be my baby!)???  
It feels impossible lately.  

Especially when I see him swimming in those sheets at night.



Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh Wyatt! Sweet boy. You just rock him whenever he'll
let you and you want to. Time will take care of the rest.

Amanda said...

Ditto to above advice....
Time will do the job for u:( until then just savor it when it day hasn't done u in!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Marilynn. They grow up so fast and then it's over. Some nights I really don't want to read a book before bed, but I know they will eventually stop asking, so I read every night. Same goes for sleeping in my bed. I'm a terrible sleeper (I've been awake now since 3:30am) and I bred terrible sleepers. At least one child wakes up and tries to sleep in my bed every night. Some nights I don't appreciate being squeezed to the edge of my bed with a knee in my back. Other nights I savor falling asleep with chubby arms around my neck. Let them be little because once they're big, they've big for life.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories are made in the rocking chair. Memories the will last a lifetime. My boys are now 27 and 24 and they remember rocking with Mommy. One still remembers when he used to say, "Rock-o me Mommy!" You won't regret this special time with your son.