Finding Some Happy

 I've been feeling a bit low lately so I thought I needed to find some happy.

Sunrises on the tundra...
There's just nothing like it.

Peek-A-Boo with this little boy in a box.
He's so cute!

The boys' enjoying the streamers I hung for my birthday.
Watching them run in and out giggling was full on joy.

Birthday presents...
This box of candles from Josh I got this weekend is rainbow beautiful!

Sleeping babes...
Oh how I love watching those beautiful boys of ours sleep. 

Chubby little fingers...
Need I say more?

I love the seashells, picture frame & new basket of bath goodies that adorn my bathroom.

Movie Night (How To Train Your Dragon 2) at their school desks per Jack's request. 
Pizza + Koolaid + Smore cupcakes= Three Happy Boys

This little boys' lizard tongue.
Josh and I were dying watching him lick all the frosting off that bad boy.


This week I have my first appointment with my new (old) counselor; will clean house in preparation for hosting Thanksgiving; and will be doing some baking prior to the big day.  Here's hoping for happy days this week.

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Courtney Romine said...

Those candles look divine - and that rug in your playroom makes me feel happy just looking at it!