Mr. Personality

Wyatt is, I think, the favorite of everyone in the house. It is adorable how much the twins love him.  They fight over special time with him, argue over whose turn it is to help him, and melt when Wyatt hugs them randomly.  He can get Josh or myself to help him with just about anything.  And when he cries, we all rush to the rescue.

He says adorable things all.the.time -- I just can't keep up-- but here are some of them.

There are a lot of flies in Marshall.  The first part of the school year was way worse, but we still see them occasionally.  Josh and the twins were talking about flies and how there was one in the playroom the other day, on it's back with its legs wiggling.  Wyatt piped up frantically, "Is it a sting bee?  Like at grandma's house?"  Last summer Jack got stung by a bee at Grandma Carol's and now Wyatt is a bit wary!  Josh assured him it was just a fly.  

Wyatt isn't just funny, he's also incredibly smart.  I tested him yesterday with the test I did on the twins when they were four years + two months.  Wyatt is only three years + six months.  (So the twins were eight months older than Wyatt is now when they took it.)

Wyatt was able to label the same number of shapes (four) as the twins were.  He knew twice as many colors (nine total) although that's not really fair because since then we've discovered the twins are in fact colorblind.  He knew all of his numbers 1-10 (the twins knew none of their numbers).  And Wyatt knew 17 letters (+ the sound u makes, but not its name).  Logan and Jack, when they were 8 months older, knew absolutely no alphabet letters.  

...The kid astounds me.

In addition to what he already knows, he is always seeking to learn more.  The other night at bedtime he asked what "tundra" meant.  Sometimes the questions he asks make me stop and really think.  He's even helping my brain grow!

On Thursday night last week the boys and I attended Josh's school Christmas recital.  It started at 7:30, which is a half hour after our kids are already asleep every night.  The next day we went back to the school for the Christmas feast for lunch.  During the assembly before lunch, Wyatt fell asleep on Josh.  It was so sweet.  Josh said he couldn't remember the last time Wyatt had slept on him. It was precious.

When Wyatt wants to show you "how much" of something, he holds his fingers (pointer & thumb) as far apart as possible (making a big "L" with his fingers).  When you ask him how much he loves you, he does that and says, "This much!"  It's so cute!

When I ask him a question he answers, "Well..." like a big boy.  For instance, I will say, "Why do you have that?" And he will say, "Well, I was going to use it."

He growls, "grrr", when we tell him no;
and he stomps his feet, or sometimes rolls on the floor.
In those ways, he is just your typical three year old!

He loves to choose chips at lunch, eats bananas like nobody's business, and drinks water like a dying man in the sahara.  But, like any other three year old, he hates trying new things.

He loves to help his brothers put away dishes and gets really hurt feelings if he's not included in things they do.  He likes putting laundry in the machine, enjoys scrubbing the toilet and will put his dishes in the sink.

Bath time is his favorite of all time.  He stays in long after his fingers & toes turn into prunes.  I will say, "Are you ready for me to wash you?" And he'll say, "Not yet, mom!" 

Lately he likes to play with chip clips from the silverware drawer, and the other morning he came up to me with a pained expression and said, "I -- pinched-- myself."  I lifted his shirt as he indicated, and saw where the metal clip had left an awful red mark on his belly.  Poor, sweet boy!

One morning he was flying his airplane around the kitchen saying, "No hesitation. No hesitation!"  Seriously? Serious.

He is just our little {big} bundle of joy.  If you need a big hug, a big laugh or a big dose of reality, he's your man.  I will sing into different things, pretending they are microphones and he'll say, "Mo-om, that's not a microphone! That's a fork!"  
I love him. I love his little fingers, his sweet chubby feet, his eyes, watching mine, and the soft downy of his hair that cowlicks aggressively near his forehead.  I love rocking him to sleep, watching him play when he doesn't know I'm watching, and seeing his face when I find him during hide & seek.  

I just can't get enough of him.  

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