Two Zero One Five

Goodbye 2014.
And good riddance.
I mean no offense, but I am so glad to see you in the rearview.

Meanwhile, hello 2015!

For 2015 I have a few general areas I would like to keep working on.
I am trying to keep my goals simple and easy to track.


1) Health

Step One of this goal is to workout daily during the week.  
Josh and I will each set motivational rewards for every week we complete our goal.
Step Two of this goal is to make dinner every week night.  
This will mean weekly meal planning on Sunday evenings and pulling necessary items out of the freezer every morning.  I will be adding more vegetables & fruit to our meals as well.

2)  Parenting

Step One of this goal is to read Hands Free Mama 
Step Two is to remember my word of the year, which is "Linger".  
I read a post last year by Ashley over at Under The Sycamore about choosing to "linger longer."  Linger at the table... linger at bedtime...  It's a gentle reminder to make time to be present.  I love it.

3)  Contentment

Step One of this goal is to do my Gratitude Journal daily.
This will remind me of the million blessings I have in my life.
Step Two of this goal is to work on contentment financially.
This will mean not spending anything extra in an effort to focus on paying down our debt.

4) Reading

Step One of this goal is to set a goal of reading at least three books a month.  
From there, each month I will choose (ahead of time) what three books I will read, and even if I don't reach that goal, at least I will be reading more than I would have been otherwise.
Step Two of this goal is to set a schedule of which chapter books we will be reading during school.
I will use my new monthly planner to record new books for reading to the twins each week.
Step Three of this goal will be to continue reading five picture books a day to the boys.  
Two books at calendar time during school and three books at bedtime.


I am hopeful that 2015 is a year of family time, joy and good memories.



sylvia said...

I just started reading your blog and I really enjoy it! I struggle with anxiety and im easily overwhelmed by the demands of l life. I always mutter that im movin to Alaska when things feel hectic:) but I know I couldnt escape myself there either . Anyway I get my slice of the bush from reading your blog and I wanted you to know I can relate to you in many ways.!! I also read Women, Food, and God and have done the hard work to learn to eat normally again after years of struggle. You are a beautiful girl .. believe me , perfect today tomarrow and always

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly. I have a care package to send you that is about 75% complete. I just moved so I have to find one more store and then a post office. Currently I have a house full of sickness so getting out is tricky. In the meantime, I send warm thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

You are an amazing woman and mother. May 2015 bring you and your family much love, laughter, good health and fun adventures!

Annery said...

Have you read Pope Awesome yet?

Shelly Cunningham said...

Annie, No, I haven't read Pope Awesome. I'll have to add it to my list!