Christmas Day

 For my sister, finally (!), our Christmas day!

The boys slept through the night and at 6:15 their little feet padded down the hallway into our bedroom to wake us up.

Josh went downstairs ahead of us to turn on the Christmas lights and then we let the boys go down and see what Santa brought.

 Lots of Legos.
Josh and I agree this is probably our last year buying Lego Duplo for the twins.

 Wyatt was tickled pink that he got the Planes Lego set he wanted so bad.

 And the twins loved that Santa ate bites of each cookie we left him on the coffee table.

 Josh and I just sat on the couch once they settled in and watched their sweet faces.

 {Robin Sumner, you sweet fellow twin mama.... The boys loved everything you sent.  The Kinex (huge hit with Jack), the dinosaurs and the awesome tattoos as well.  And this mama loved the pens & adorable notepads.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity.}

I had this book growing up and am excited share all the classic nursery rhymes with the boys.

 The boys got "road tape" for their matchbox cars that I'm super excited to pull out one of these days when we need an activity to occupy our afternoon.

They also got geodes which we cracked open last week.  What a fun experiment for my three little boys! (More on that to come...)

After opening presents we had our classic Christmas morning cinnamon rolls & milk for breakfast.  I love that Wyatt instinctively unrolls his (the "proper" way to eat them) and that Logan has since said his favorite tradition in our family is Christmas morning cinnamon rolls.

The boys were very excited to open their giant present from Grandma & Papa Cunningham.

 New sleds!!!

 We saved the biggest present (a seriously GIANT moving box) from Josh's cousin Nathan & wife Dunnette for the afternoon.  In it were some great gifts for the kids-- t-shirts, jammies and watches-- as well as some great gifts for us-- a phone cover for Josh, a book & some essential oils for me, and the best gift of all, a Soda Stream!

 After we opened the Soda Stream, the box it came in became the "it" toy for an hour. 

 Go figure!

 We wrapped up our beautiful Christmas Day with a slow bedtime, full of stories & snuggles, feeling grateful for all God has blessed us with.

 A particularly lovely gift I got?  This necklace that says it all:

"learn from yesterday,
live for today,
hope for tomorrow"



Courtney Romine said...

Beautiful pics, as always! You really capture the moment, and I can just feel the love and warmth!

Rox said...

We love this post! Ferris is happy for Logan getting the Batman Duplos. (Ferris got Batman Lego Jr.s from us!) When he saw the picture of Wyatt eating his cinnamon roll he said, "Wyatt's so cute." Then the picture of all the boys and Josh he said, "I miss them." And we love the pictures of "Jack-in-the-box," haha! I'm happy you had a nice family Christmas. <3

Rox said...

Ferris also said, "HA! Wyatt's wearing a pizza shirt!" Lol