Christmas Recital

Every year the school puts on an evening Christmas Recital, and every year my kids have been sick & we've missed it. I was so happy to make it this year!

I loved the background... "Let it snow... Please!"  
We have had very little snow this year and are desperate for more!

The following pictures are of Josh's class performing. They did an awesome job, and bless Josh's soul because he said "yes" to singing Let It Go, which meant every afternoon he came home humming, "... the cold never bothered me anyway."  The kids were tickled to sing it, albeit a little shy.


And Sol's class:
5th/6th Grade


Samantha's Class:
2nd/3rd Grade

Krista's Class:
1st/2nd Grade

Leah's Class:

Kevin's Yupik Performance:

Then the entire school did a traditional Yupik Eskimo dance with the Yupik Teacher.
It was so neat.


That night our boys received a very generous gift.  A woman in the village sewed them each (unbeknownst to me) a kuspik.  A kuspik is a traditinal Yupik garment that everyone wears to events like Eskimo Dancing and Potlucks.

The boys look absolutely adorable in them.

After the performances were over, we got a visit from Mrs. Clause!  
She gave out candy bars and adorable hand made wooden trucks.

I am so glad we were able to make it out to celebrate the holidays with our school family and the community this year.



Marilynn Raatz said...

So wonderful!! That was so nice of her to sew for your boys! And if any classe deserved to sing that song, it's a group of kids in an Alaska village!!!

sylvia said...

Fun for your boys to experience differant cultures!

Kristin in Alaska said...

Awesome gift for the boys!

Isn't it nice, living in Alaska, that we're close enough to North Pole that Santa & Mrs. Claus can visit? We are so close that Santa is actually our post master!