Hi friends.  Its been a long time.  Things around here have been... interesting. That's about all I can say about it, but moving forward, I am hoping things start to settle down.  We're planning our trip home for summer, which is exciting; we're enjoying outside weather (it's been in the mid-thirties & sunny!) which is also exciting; and I am planning our homeschool year for next year (second grade + preschool for the little) and that's getting me very excited.  So despite the bit of crazy, there are good things happening.

Projects recently include haircuts for all the men in my life (3 boys + daddy) and not to toot my own horn, but I am getting pretty darn good (and fast!) at it!  I am also doing inventory on our house to see what we need to use in the next two months before summer vacation, and what we need to make sure we have for next school year.  (ie spices, soap, toothpaste)

The twins earned 100 AR points (Accelerated reader is a program the school here has where you can read a book, test on it, and earn points.)  We've been able to access it online and their reading has taken off because of it. 100 points is the equivalent of 200 books!  In honor of their accomplishment, each twin got a chance (separately) to have some special time with mommy & daddy, staying up late and sleeping with me in the bed that's in our playroom.  They loved the one on one time and I cherish the memories I made with each individually.  Although this morning Wyatt in formed me that he needs special time staying awake too.

The last two weeks have been challenging in parenting this little one.  A friend of mine hashtagged "threenager" in regards to her little cherub, and I about died. That is exactly spot on!  Wyatt is a three year old teenager.  Craving independence, rolling his eyes every time I open my  mouth, and arguing with every.blessed.thing.I.say.  It's so frustrating.  So this week I decided to focus on the positive.  I am praising everything he does well, and setting very clear boundaries for him.  Today was a bit of a challenge, but I saw some turn around (AKA less eye rolling and more "okay, mom").  So I have hope.

I am finishing Son by Lois Lowry, the fourth in The Giver quartet, and I am going to be so sad when it's all over!  Next I will work on finishing The Well-Trained Mind, and starting Boys Will Be Boys.  I also have The Last Letter From Your Love by Jojo Moyes on my shelf, and I've been itching to pull it off. So that'll likely sneak in there somewhere, too.

As we are getting close to wrapping up our homeschool year, I am impressed by how much we've accomplished.  I am also impressed at how much the boys' focus has grown.  School originally was an hour long, back in preschool.  Now we are doing school for up to four hours.  I love that they get excited about learning new things, like about Pharoah's in our history book, new math concepts in our math curriculum, and the human body in our anatomy book (--thanks again, Robert!)  It makes me proud that we have come this far, and excited when I picture the future with them.

I've been working out everyday again, I missed a few days from being sick, but was proud of myself when I got right back to it.  I feel stronger and I know it helps my mental health, too.  I use Walk at Home videos and love how quick & easy it is.

My word of the year "linger" has me spending more time at bedtime with the boys, singing, rocking, snuggling; saying yes to playing when they ask; and trying hard to enjoy the everyday moments we share.  

"The most important work 
you will ever do 
will be within the walls 
of your own home."  
-Harold B. Lee


Hollyparlier said...

I am jealous of your access to AR tests. When I was a teacher, I loved them. I was actually just talking to a teacher friend of mine about them. And 100 points for a first grader is seriously impressive! Way to go boys! And mama! :)

Unknown said...

I love your idea for inventory! It didn't even cross my mind to do this, but I am going to now. It is going to be so helpful a few months from now when we are trying to remember what we need standing in Anchorage doing a bush order.

Do you have a specific template that you use for the inventory or just a list with amounts?