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I joined Instagram.  As I sit here, perusing my blog for the last two months, I can't decide if my lack of posts is because I am posting more often on Instagram, or because life's been busy and a simple Instagram pic is all I could manage.

Honestly, I think it's the latter.  I am knee deep in homeschooling, having added grammar, human anatomy & history since Christmas, and while this has been awesome for the boys (and me) it has meant less free time during the day.

And in the last two weeks we've been spending oodles of time outdoors.  Which also means less time for blogging.  Both good things, the additional homeschooling & spending time outside, but time suckers.

I am determined to take April's blogging up a notch, so here are some of the pictures I posted recently to Instagram.  (And a few I just wanted to share.)

The boys love to read while they eat.  They aren't masters at it, so often I say no, but this day I let Logan read Zombies in Love while eating his mac & cheese.  He was SO happy!

Jack showed Logan this scroll, and told him it had the rules of the world on it. I asked what that was and Logan goes, "it's from the wall of terror." 

Jack corrected him, "The wall of Japan, you mean." 

Finally figured out they meant The Great Wall of China. 

"That's how they talk" Logan told me. It's fake Chinese characters. Oh man these guys crack me up.

In March my parents tried to visit on some standby tickets.  It didn't end up working, but we left the extra bed downstairs in the playroom for a while anyway.  It was super sweet to come downstairs and find the boys like this, gathered together reading on it.

Cookies & Milk.
Need I say more?

This is my life.
Josh goes to work,
I make coffee,
we do school.

The twins write in their journals,
Wyatt does puzzles & plays cars.

Then we do:
Reading, Grammar, Phonics, Spelling
Math, Human Anatomy & Flashcards.


Throwback Thursday.
Oh man.
They were SO cute!!!
{Jack on left, Logan on right}

I know it's a constant refrain of mine these days, but seriously...
Where are those long legs coming from?!?
Can it really be true that he'll be four in June?

Jack chose to buy a Matchbox race track with his Valentine's $$$ from Grandma Shirley.  It was a HUGE hit with all the brothers.  

I love this picture Josh snapped of the three of them.  

{be still my heart}

Sometimes the boys' bubbas (their favorite stuffed animals) accompany them to school.
Math is easier with friends!

The twins have taken to reading to Wyatt, and I have to tell you, nothing warms my mama heart more than that.

Mid March we had some serious snowfall.
It was a blustery, blizzardy day to walk to Saturday Social!
The twins held hands the whole way, and it made my heart smile.

We spent quite a few days following that snowfall, outside sledding and digging in it.

After sledding in the new snow, Jack tore his snow pants on the rocks.
Alaska fix?
Duct tape, of course.

Temps warmed up and the snow melted mostly.  With the nicer weather came the urge to spring clean.  I purged the kitchen, reorganized my drawers & cupobards and began my inventory for when we come back in the fall.

Hate seeing this "little one's" shadow growing so quickly!
Slow down, little brother, slow down!

We've been getting outside a LOT lately.  It means that other things fall by the wayside, but our time outside is worth it.

Special time with Wyatt, watching movies on my laptop in the extra bed in the playroom.

Wyatt LOVES bath time.  He will stay in until his fingers & toes turn to little pink prunes.

While Josh was out of town a while back, I had special time with Logan & Jack, one at a time.  Logan's request was to share a Totino's pizza with me;

and Jack's was to make us each ice cream sundaes.

With the warmer weather, we've been getting outside.  My favorite is to play on the rockpile by the side of our house.  I bring my foldable camp chair and a book or my laptop, and read or blog while the boys play.  The sunshine makes us all so happy!

These little sweethearts arrived in the mail from Amazon last week.  They are my *favorite* pens of all time.  It's ridiculous how happy they make me!

I am super proud of my parenting as of late.  Lots of self sacrifice, and the other day, when Jack busted the entire humidifier while trying to fill it up for me, I just hugged him and assured him it was alright.  That moment felt like a turning point for me.

It felt so good to comfort him, forgive a mistake and move on.  Maybe if I can do that for him, I can do that for myself: Accept mistakes and move on.

Every week, date night is still my favorite!  Pizza & a movie with my man is just what I need at the end of the week.  Some favorites:
Hunger Games: Mockingjay
The Judge

During Saturday Social last weekend Josh and Joe pulled out the parachute.
The kids absolutely LOVED it.
Those two are such amazing dads!

Little Wyatt is in the big bed this month, and I love how he uses ALL of the bed for sleeping.  When I walked in last night and saw him like this, I couldn't help but see the tiny baby he used to be.  

Today I woke up and felt inspired to try on the jeans hanging in the back of my closet.  Much to my delight-- they fit.  I haven't fit in my size 14's since last spring!  I guess this whole working-out-every-day thing is paying off.  Even if it is just fifteen minutes!

I hope to see a lot more of you all soon.
And by that, of course, I mean, I'll be blogging more!

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Holly Parlier said...

So much to comment on! Yay for fitting in old jeans :). And rock piles are the BEST places to play! And we had a funny comment on China and Japan too - Jack said the people in Japan speak Chinese and I corrected him. Wyatt then informed me that he had read about Chinese and Japanese and they are basically the same thing. Haha. I'm so glad the weather is warming up for y'all!