My Grandpa

{Hello from the hospital}
My grandparents are some of my most favorite people on the planet.  They're my dad's parents and they live at the beach, which makes visiting them in the summer a double bonus. 

Awesome grandparents? check!  
Awesome locale for entertaining small children? check!

Grandpa has the best attitude, tolerates my obnoxious children and can laugh and joke his way through just about anything. I love that about him.

{Wyatt taught Grandpa how to play Angry Birds}
Today my sweet grandpa is having heart surgery to put in some stents.  Other than this bit of heart trouble, he's healthy as can be, active and loving life everyday.  I am so excited for him to have this surgery behind him, to be able to go back home and have his full energy back.  

{Selfie with Grandpa!}
I hate that I haven't been there to support him (and my grandma) through this extended hospital stay (there have been quite a few ups & downs) and it has made being away from home seem especially hard.   So this afternoon and evening, if you think of my awesome grandpa, will you say a prayer? That his surgery goes smooth, that he wakes up feeling great, and that grandma is surrounded by peace. I'd so appreciate it.

"Grandfathers are just antique little boys."

This quote cracked me up.  
That must be why he and his great grandsons get along so well!


Kimberly F said...

I will absolutely send a prayer for your Grandpa and Grandma!! You are so lucky to still have your grandparents with you!

Bad Rebecca said...

Saying a prayer. Hopefully he will recover as well as my grandmother did from her stents-- she was partying with us at my brother's Caribbean wedding just a few weeks after her procedure :)