Our Car is Paid Off!!!

One of the things I miss most about living in a city is driving my car.  I miss road trips, listening to music as I traipse around town and that sweet sense of closeness that comes from having family conversations when we're all stuck together in our car.

We bought our car (a 2005 Honda Pilot) in May 2008, just weeks before I gave birth to the twins.  I had driven a four door Honda Accord that was fantastic, but when we found out it was twins, we knew we'd need something bigger.  Plus a double stroller didn't fit in the trunk of my Accord.  I absolutely love the Pilot, and the only thing I would change about it is it's lack of sunroof. I really miss having a sunroof.  

Immediately when we got the car home, we installed the carseats.  We drove around for weeks with those empty car seats in the backseat.  When the twins were finally born & we got to bring them home, it was surreal.

Now those little guys are about to be seven!

And just this week, we made our final payment on the Pilot.  I am so happy with how it's met our needs through the years.  It's been a great car and has taken us on many an adventure.

I love how it has adjusted to meet the needs of our growing family and now I love it because it's really truly ours!  



Kristin in Alaska said...

Woo hoo!

Jacob said...

Cars are an investment. After working so hard to pay one off, I want one that will last for many years. By the looks of your pictures it seems this one has lasted for a while and will continue to provide many more years of service to your family. Hondas are known for lasting a very long time, and your experience carries that idea on for me.

Jacob @ Bestway Autos