Care Packages

We have been so blessed by care packages the last few weeks! Holy moly!

From Susan, Mandy & Deena we got an amazing package with something special for everyone.  There was beef jerky, a book for me, cars and Wyatt's *favorite* new bath toy, a boat from Ikea. He adores that thing.

From Karen we got this awesome box of goodies.  Hilarious fake teeth, yummy breakfast cereal and lots of snacks.  Snacks are one of the things we go through fastest around here, so I am always grateful for extra goldfish, teddy grahams and granola bars!

{We got a second box also from Karen that I haven't photographed.  I lost our Easter box in the mail, (sad face!) so our boys were going to have nothing but the Easter eggs their aunt sent, until I got Karen's most recent package.  She didn't know it, but she was this years' Easter miracle (and Easter bunny!) and I am SO grateful! She sent a super fun Thomas the Train game, HUGE Monsters Inc color books and a myriad of other things that delighted our boys on Easter morning.  I believe God had a hand in the timing of her package!}

From Josh's sister Julie we got delicious treats for me to make (coffee cake, muffins, Red Lobster biscuits) & easter eggs that looked like Ninja Turtles.  She does so spoil us!

From my parents we got raisin bread, creamer, granola bars & much more.  We wished they were able to visit, but when it didn't work out, their gift luggage made it anyway, and that was awesome.  The boys loved talking to my mom as they sorted through everything.

From my sweet text-pal Erika we got mustaches (hilarious!) a book by Kate Gosselin (I love her!) cozy socks, whoopie cushions and a ton of yummy food, plus coffee creamer!  Oh, and since she's from Wisconsin... she always sends cheese-- we love that!

From the Peterson's we got pudding, Nutella, cereal (the boys are DYING to open the Trix) and two boxes of creamer.  Yum!!!

I am so grateful for the care packages we receive.  They are a highlight on our ordinary days and make feeding my family and entertaining my boys so much easier.

Thank you to all of you who have thought of us and put all that effort into a box-of-love for our family.  Thank you for taking the time (& money) out of your lives to support us on this crazy adventure we call life.


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