This Week {Home for Summer!}

Lots of finishing around here this week:

Finished that 700 piece puzzle I was working on in Marshall.

Finished packing for our trip home.  Summer break for us started on Friday.

Finished traveling.  Three kids, four planes, fourteen hours, done.  Phew!

Finished moving in-- luggage is all in it's place, and slowly we're settling in.

Finished unloading the storage unit.  We're so happy to be reunited with so many of our things.

Saying goodbye to my beloved friends Leah & Krista.  I would have posted the picture Josh took of the three of us, but we're all bawling in it.  Those girls (along with Karen) were my lifeline this year in Marshall, and I am so grateful to have had them.

Proud of my amazing travelers.  The twins had such good manners with the flight attendants, and I am pleased to announce that Wyatt is no longer afraid of planes.  He rode in his own seat on all four flights, and was such a trouper.

Surprised by my sister & sister-in-law's presence at the airport.  My sister was supposed to be gone camping for Memorial Day weekend, and my sister-in-law had plans to see Phantom of the Opera.  Roxanne decided to leave for camping the next day, and Julie came when Phantom was over. I felt so spoiled to have all the people I love there.

Bummed I didn't get more pictures of it.  The reunion was truly one for the books.  I decided to be in the moment instead of capturing it, and while I'm sad there aren't pictures, I know I will forever remember hugging my mom and sister after nine hard months apart. Tears, oh the tears... I am just so happy to be home!

Grateful for my in-laws for letting us stay with them.  Yesterday I took Wyatt to the store (an adventure that deserves it's own blog post) and it was so nice to pick up a few things here & there instead of having to figure out how to create an entire household as we have the last two summers staying in rentals.

Enjoying Wyatt taking it all in.  You guys.  Seeing the magic of the city through his eyes is pure joy.  Automatic doors, toilets & paper towel dispensers are akin to meeting Tinkerbell face to face.  Fairy dust everywhere.  And when I put him in a grocery cart-- I wish someone had been recording it. He didn't know what to do with his feet, so we kept spinning the cart in a circle as I hefted him up and he struggled to get situated. It was hilarious.  And at the airport the tile had sparkles in it, and he asked the lady, "Why is your floor so sparkly?"  I guess the village's dusty floors didn't do it for him.

At Panda Express he said that was a funny name for a restaurant and he would have named it "Spug".  I'm not sure what that means, but he was so serious.  And watching the lady ring up our purchases at Walmart, I don't think he could have been any closer to her.  Wide eyed, watching as she scanned each barcode with the resulting "ding!" sound.  She thought he was waiting for a toy or something on the conveyor.  Nope. He was just fascinated with her job.

And his feelings on the carseat? Not good.  "I hate wearing my seatbelt.  It gets me so stuck!"  That's the idea, buddy.  Sorry.

Being patient and available to Wyatt who did great while traveling, but is velcroed to my side since then. Yesterday he had a few meltdowns for no good reason.  I think he just needed to get his emotions out and be held for a bit. I did not mind in the least.  Today he seems better, having had a full nights' sleep.  I hope he continues to adjust and soon feels as comfortable here as he did in Alaska.

Loving cousin time for the boys.  And I got to meet my new niece Liesel.  She's a blue eyed beauty and so precious!

Looking forward to seeing more family & friends as time goes on.  Particularly my grandparents.  I have missed them like crazy this year.


Happy Memorial Day!

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