This Week

Finished reading Night by Elie Wiesel. What an intense, sad and thought provoking read!  And I am two chapters (and one bible study) away from finishing 1,000 Gifts.

Thought for this week:

"Joy doesn't negate all other emotions-
joy transcends all other emotions."
--Ann Voskamp

Grateful for Josh taking the boys for several hours on Mother's Day to give me a break.  They went to the school and hung out while I devoured my coffee and some quiet reading time; took a long, luxurious bath; watched a movie and enjoyed lunch by myself; as well as got some chores checked off my list. It was the perfect Mother's Day.  (I also enjoyed two of the sweetest cards from the twins!)

Laughing at Josh telling me I smell like an old lady wearing fancy perfume from Nordstom's when I put on the Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion from Bath & Body Works.

Drowning in dishes. They are my nemesis.

Hating the crummy weather we've been having. Day after day of rain.  Three boys stuck inside with a very exhausted mother.

Struggling with parenting.  My patience is thin, my to do list is long, and my positivity seems to have left the building. This morning seems better than the rest of the week, so there's hope for a turn around, but mostly I can't wait to get home and go on some fun, new adventures with these sweet boys of mine.

Reminiscing about being a working mom.  This post and this one nearly brought me to tears this week.  Rereading about my struggles leaving the boys has helped me find bright spots during an otherwise tough stay-at-home-mom week.

Wrapping up our school year.  We finished all 140 Saxon reading lessons, completed our history book and have just one lesson left in math. Wa-to-the-hoo!!!

Starting a puzzle.  Because when you're overwhelmed and have a million things to do, starting a 700 piece puzzle just feels right.

Celebrating my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary today!

Relieved to be done shipping things home for summer.  Now I am perfecting our packing list and making sure everything has time to get done before we go.

Baking bread so we have something to eat while our food supply dwindles.

Still crying about the lack of baby in my belly.  May 25th is my due date. Was my due date.  Praying peace and relief from my grief comes soon.

Also Praying for the family of an elder who tragically passed this week.  She was a beautiful soul and the anchor of her family.  Lifting them up in hopes that peace will surround them as they say goodbye.



Cassie said...

Such a sweet post. Night is an amazing read, and I loved 1000 Gifts. That book changed the way I live. Good luck with all the preparations for your summer in WA! Hang in there mama!

Holly Parlier said...

Baking bread seems like the perfect rainy day activity. I read Night in high school but have a firm, no sad reading policy now. How can you do it? I am sorry there is no baby coming on May 25, which sounds so empty and hollow but it's hard to know what is the right thing to say. Hugs to you, Shelley!!

Petersons said...

I love how you do your weekly updates and pictures. I remember thinking the same about the due date after I had a couple of miscarriages. In fact one of my friends was due at the same time as me and so when I see her son sometimes I think that's how old mine would've been.
When my kids were little sometimes it was all I could do to keep up with dishes and meals and laundry and that's about it! Now that some of them are teenagers they do their own laundry and take turns doing dishes - I love having teenagers! But then I think that I only have I few more short years with them and they'll be leaving the nest.