All Our Pumpkins

My parents invited the boys to come carve their Very First Pumpkins (Ever!) at her house, 
and we happily accepted!!!  

We did it with our cousins, Ferris & Milo, which just made it even more fun!!!

I loved Logan's pumpkins' face.  It looks just like him!  
Missing teeth, glasses and all!

Wyatt instructed me to draw triangles for eyes and the nose, 
and to give his pumpkin three teeth. Only three!

His was the first one ready to be opened.

Love this pic of Milo peeking at what's inside.

Then he got to open his own.
Eww! Guts!

Ferris' face says it all- he was so excited!

Seriously, the whole day, I couldn't get over Logan's pumpkin.  
The glasses kill me.

Milo's pumpkin

Jack drew his all by himself, too.
(How much do you love those dimples?
Never in a million years did I imagine I'd have babies with dimples.)

Pumpkin chandelier anyone???

Thank goodness my dad was there, too, and willing to dig in...

because of all the kids, only Jack was willing to put his hands in there!

So us grown ups got lots of pumpkin guts up to our elbows!

But the end result was totally worth it!

How cute are those five little pumpkins?

And this little pumpkin?
She's my favorite one of all.


After carving pumpkins my sister let Logan help her make pumpkin seeds.

He loved helping.


What a great, great day!
Happy Fall!

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