Homeschool: First Trimester

First Day of School Pictures!
2015-2016 School Year

Logan Henry
Age 7
Second Grade


Jack Sawyer
Age 7
Second Grade


"The big boys"


Wyatt Nathanial
Age 4


First Day of School where we homeschool at the table in the boys' oversize bedroom


We are a good three months into school now, and I am so happy to have that routine in place.  When Josh first left, we struggled to get ourselves under control.  Adjusting to school after spending the summer footloose and fancy free was super challenging.

Once we got started, I found that "life" was the worst part of homeschooling.  I learned, very quickly, that my hardest job was going to be protecting our time.  It was crazy how appointments would sneak into our mornings and blow our whole schedule right out the window.  Now that I've figured out to schedule activities and appointments in the afternoons, things have been running far more smoothly.  

These were challenges we didn't face in rural Alaska, so it's odd to be four years in, and just now navigating them!

Our curriculum still looks like this:
Daily Journal + Picture
Handwriting Practice
Saxon Reading Lesson
Read Aloud:
-"I Survived" chapter books
Saxon Math Lesson
Sign Language flashcards

And with Wyatt I am working on 100 Lessons to Read. He's already read quite a few sentences, and it's so adorable to see his little eyes light up when figures out the word.

Next trimester, I want to work on:
Daily Oral Language
More Art & Projects
Character Traits
Firming up our Science curriculum
and making time for reading aloud to mommy

And getting Wyatt to write his name consistently.

It's so exciting to look back and see the progress I've made just since August. I can't imagine how it will look at the end of the school year!

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Holly Parlier said...

It feels so good to see the weeks rolling by, doesn't it? We are working on week 10 now. How long are you planning off when Baby comes? Especially with a csection!