Carly at 37 Weeks

{35 Weeks}
So I am 37 weeks today.  Which means if this were the twins' pregnancy, I'd be having a baby (or two) today.  And if this were Wyatt's pregnancy, I'd still have a MONTH to go.  But this isn't Logan, Jack or Wyatt's pregnancy-- it's Carly's and that means I have two weeks left.  (Eee!!!)

{36 Weeks: Photo Credit goes to Jack Cunningham}
That's right, we finally got the c-section (my third) scheduled.  Sunday January 24th is the day, so long as Josh makes it in the day before as planned.  

{32 Weeks}
For the most part, my pregnancy has given me very little to complain about-- nausea the first trimester (but no puking), heartburn in the second trimester (easily handled with Maalox), and low back pain (off & on) throughout (which I've addressed with chiropractic care).  

Until I hit 36 weeks, that is-- now I have occasional nausea & heartburn; pretty consistent low back pain; plus swollen feet, legs & hands.  I'm semi-miserable at this point.  

Thankfully the end is in sight!

{35 Weeks}
In addition to some physical discomfort, I've been having really vidid dreams.  I dreamed about Josh getting a job in a scary place; about leaving Wyatt to fend for himself at a high school; that Wyatt was hit by a car (which was super terrible, totally realistic & bloody) along with a slew of other randomly disturbing things.  

And I'm not the only one-- Josh dreamed he was in a plane crash and woke up on impact, and Jack dreamed he got lost cause I left him and his brothers at the store.

The terrible dreams are overwhelming!  I am more than ready for them to quit!

{Grandpa Jerry, me & Grandma Pansy}
{35 Weeks}
{35 Weeks}
I feel like from 35 to 37, I have really popped, and my belly is hilariously large.  I mean, compared to the twin pregnancy it still seems small & manageable, but it is really, really obvious that I'm expecting, and pretty much every stranger I meet comments on it, usually asking if it's another boy.

No, I assure them, it's not another boy (although I do still wonder...) ultrasound confirmed it's a girl.  And one that I am now entirely prepared for.  Between our storage unit, my baby shower, random gifts dropped off by friends, hand-me-downs generously given and a few small shopping trips myself, we are ready!

All over my room for the last month there have been piles of pink & purple laundry.  Today I plan to sort (by size) the last of it, and then pack my hospital bag for her arrival.  

I am so curious what size she will be.  The twins were (Logan) 4lbs. 6 oz. and (Jack) 6lbs. 13oz. and Wyatt was 8lbs. 14 and a half ounces.  I'm imagining she will be somewhere in the sevens... but only time will tell!

I am also curious what she will look like, and particularly what color her hair (if she has any) will be.  The twins were born with red hair that stayed until 4 months.  Then it all fell out, and grew back in white-blonde.  Wyatt was born with dark brown hair and lots of it.  So Carly could have anything!

Her kicks lately have been taken up a notch!  We were Facetiming yesterday when Josh got to see one of her better kicks, up high under my rib cage, and he said it looks like she's trying to get out.  My favorite movements right now are the ones where it feels like she's stretching and wiggling either her toes or fingers.  It's so precious, and all too fleeting.

We're so excited to meet you, Carly May!
The 24th can't come soon enough!



Rox said...

Oh my gosh the picture of you in the stripes - that is one impressive pregnant belly! Oooh I'm so excited to meet Carly. I'm going to write down a prediction just for fun... 8 pounds even, 19 1/2 inches long, light hair (like Ferris had), big eyes and rosebud lips.

Holly Parlier said...

I'm gonna guess 8 lbs 3 oz :) So nice to have an end date - mine keeping baking longer and getting bigger. And Sunday is a good day to have a baby! It's coming up soon!