The first few days Josh was here over Christmas break, there was rain. And rain. And rain. And rain.  But finally, near the end of his trip, we had sunshine.  So we took full advantage, despite the cold!

Day One:

{This maternity coat is awesome.  36 weeks & it zips up no problem.  Plus it's warm as all get out!}

{Daddy Tunnel}

Day Two:

These boys love their daddy so much.  As a guy, he just speaks their language.  He loves to wrestle and tickle and be loud.  He loves to ride bikes, go on walks and toss a football.  He loves to help them perfect their throws & catches in baseball and can't wait to introduce them to more sports as they get older.  

He is, in a word, perfect.  

They are so lucky to have such an awesome dad who loves them so much, and who understands boy behavior.  The days we went out to play, it was cold.  Like, in the 20's with the wind chill, I think.  But he knew they needed to get out of the house and play. So we did.  He's good for us like that.  

And that's why we're so darn excited that he got home this morning!

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