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I am a total nerd.  I'm currently in two book clubs, and have at least three homeschooling books on my nightstand that I can't wait to dig in to.  I love learning about the brain and how it learns, and have no shame for my (insane, ridiculous) love of books.

So when I was teaching the boys their Saxon Reading lesson on Monday, I got all giddy with excitement as I imagined sharing all the things I'm they're learning this year.  Seriously, though, when I start to feel like I can't homeschool another day, it's my own desire to learn right alongside them that keeps me going.  It's amazing how much more you learn when you are invested.  I know I "learned" most of this stuff when I was in school, but now that I'm an adult and it interests me, it's like I've discovered a brand new world!

Everything you never wanted to know about alphabet:

  • We use the Roman or Latin alphabet, which some say is the easiest to read.
  • Sequoyah developed an alphabet that has one symbol for every sound, making it easier to learn how to read and spell.  (As I've taught our three boys to read, I will admit there are times I've wished we used the Sequoyah alphabet!)
  • There are 26 letters in the Western alphabet, and the English language contains at least 40 sounds.
  • Every word must contain a vowel, but must not necessarily contain a consonant.

And everything you never wanted to know about the history of the English language:

  • The first people to live in England were called the "Celts".
  • The country was called "Britannia" at that time.
  • The Celts were primitive people who had no cities or roads.
  • The Romans took over Britannia and ruled for many years.
  • The Romans left Britannia around the year 400.
  • When the Romans left, the Picts attacked.
  • The King of Britannia hired the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes to help fight the Picts, and Britannia won.
  • The Angles and the Saxons decided to fight the Britons and take over Britannia.
  • The land became known as "Angle-Land," and eventually England.
  • The Germanic language spoken in England at that time became known as "Anglo-Saxon" or "Old English."
  • ... Did you follow all of that?

Until you have tried to teach someone to read, you truly cannot understand the crazy, frustrating ways our language makes and breaks its very own rules.

People often say to me that they could never homeschool, but I assure you (especially if you started with preschool) that you can easily learn as they learn and actually enjoy the process!

Lastly in this homeschooling post, I want to share a series I read this fall that really resonated with me and made homeschooling feel feasible with my growing family:
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