A bit fragile

Oh my gosh you guys. 
How has it been nearly a month since I last blogged?  
Time just keeps slipping on by.  

Carly is now nine weeks old and she regularly smiles and coos at us. It melts us one and all.  Josh was just home for a visit along with some medical appointments, and while it was so good to see him, his departures always leave us feeling a bit fragile.

The future for our family is currently unclear.  He's applying for jobs from Alaska to North Dakota to Texas and we're just praying God puts us exactly where we're meant to be.  At this point, as long as we're together under one roof, we'll be happy.

I did manage to figure out Carly's insurance, if not perfectly.  Since I missed the window on signing her up under Josh's health insurance plan at work, I had to sign her up for Washington state health care.  They retro-dated it for me so she's covered from birth forward, which is such a blessing.  But it means finding her a new doctor, at a different clinic and that's bumming me out big time.

I guess most of my time is spent doing the ins and outs raising four kids by myself.  From the minute my eyes open, it's go-go-go.  We're making beds and getting dressed to get downstairs for breakfast.  Then it's a shower for me, getting ready for the day and starting homeschool.

Homeschooling the last month has been kicking my ass.  It's hard.  So so hard.  Feeling torn between taking care of Carly, being patient with the twins, and keeping Wyatt occupied can make my head spin.  My enthusiasm for teaching has taken a turn and at this point we're just checking things off the list.  The one thing we're all still enjoying is read aloud, so we're doing lots of that to keep spirits up.

In more positive news, Carly is doing great.  She's breastfeeding & sleeping like a champ, weighing in at 11 and a half pounds and giving me six hours of sleep at a stretch.  Her being so easy is my biggest blessing.  I just love holding her as she sleeps, wearing her in my sling, and snuggling her as she smiles when she first wakes up.  She's truly my sunshine.  



M McCarthy said...


Ashley B said...

SO happy to hear an update from you! You're in my thoughts and prayers often and I'm so glad that while there are so many HARD things going on right now, there are also some joys too. And two more things: 1. I'm feeling the exact same way about homeschooling right now...SO ready to be done and take that off my plate. So not just you! and 2. You should venture over to the East coast to be closer to my neck of the woods. Just sayin' ;)

Holly said...

Im also feeling the same way about homeschooling. I like having the kids home, I like building up our family culture, I have no intention of putting them in a public school - BUT I would totally love to be rich and hire a tutor to do all the heavy lifting, with me in the background, of course. I'm excited to hear where yall end up. NC is nice ;)

Unknown said...

I have been in your shoes. Homeschooling while single parenting days at a time every week while caring for little ones who can't even walk. I used to belong to a group of homeschool families. What I can say is this. Everyone gets spring fever. The teachers at school count the hours to spring break, homeschool moms count down, too. Then after feeling refreshed, once May hits, we all go back to counting the days down to the last day of school. By then everyone just refers to their checklists making sure they did everything they need. The best teachers still make it fun and exciting for the students. Believe me, as I'm sure you've heard it from Josh, kids can see right through grown ups. You've got a great attitude, your boys will be fine. Keep praying. God will provide and show you where your family needs to be. I'm thinking about you a lot my friend. You will get through this. Your kids will look back and be so thankful for all the time, attention, and memories made.

Tabitha Studer said...

Glad you're back! I've been missing you, but glad to get the updates from instagram too :) Your girl is growing so well and beautiful! She is surrounded by so much love, she is one lucky little babe!

Sending wishes of patience and perserverance to you for homeschooling. I can't even imagine, momma! you are a rock star! And I'll second Ashley and say move East! hhhaha, that's selfish of course. I'm sending wishes for finding the right fit for you guys - being all together again will be so worth it! so very happy for you guys<3

Cindy said...

Going to echo what others have said-homeschool moms/teachers & the school teachers are all feeling the weariness of the almost end of the year. Doing it all solo makes just another difficult step in the process. Maybe throw a fun day in here and there if you need it or even a fun 1/2 day.
Our family just welcomed our very first grandchild in the early hours of March 11. While not an emergency our grand daughter was born by Csection. My daughter-in-law really wants to nurse and the little one is not as enthusiastic but they are working at it and she is still getting only breast milk.