to be treasured

Summer 2011

From the day we met, Josh has shown me what it means to be treasured.  He felt privileged to hold my hand, to kiss my cheek, to be my boyfriend.  

Sixteen years later, the same still holds true.  He still acts privileged to be sharing this life with me; raising our kids and being side by side through thick and through thin.  

He's not the only one who feels lucky.  I feel lucky.  Beyond lucky, I feel blessed.  


But all this love, of course, means that missing him this year, living without him, has felt, quite frankly, unbearable.  


I don't like the days without him.  And so I'm praying the 33 days until his return pass quickly.  I want to hug this man who has now spent HALF OF HIS LIFE with me!!!

(And also, selfishly, I want his help with the kids, 
who currently have the flu and have, 
I believe, given it to me... 
Lord help us all!)


the watkins said...

Hi Shelly, just wondering how you blog... Off your phone or PC? Is there an app you use? I'm just wishing I could update from my phone but not sure how to easily do that. 😊 thanks!

Tabitha Studer said...

happy dating anniversary! Isn't it both amazing and terrifying to know that for half our lives we've spent it (by choice!) with the same person! hahaha, terrifying because so much dependence and love is invested, but wonderful for the same reason. So excited that so very soon your family will be all put back together for good!! sending wishes of patience and speed for these final weeks for all of you!!