Just Carly

{late night clothes change}
{sad to be out in the rain running errands}
{our princess... the crown kills me!}
{There will never be enough pictures of her hands}
{I love this outfit on her}
{sweet girl}
{hello, doll}
{I love snuggling a naked baby}
{Skin on skin is my absolute favorite thing about a newborn}
{Baby yawns-- is there anything cuter???}
{My favorite outfit-- clouds & rose gold moccs!}
{her hands... again}
{hi sister!}
{she always sleeps with her hands by her face}
{snuggling my sick girl... her first cold has been so sad!}
{She was completely asleep when I took this.  Her hands have a mind of their own!}
{first doctor visit to check her lungs}
{her lungs are clear... it's just a cold... we gotta wait it out}
{Birth announcement in the paper!}
{love her silly little face}
{Are you serious, mom?}
{lots of snuggles for this sweet girl as she tries to get better}
{she's worn out from this cold!}
{got a blessing from papa Saturday & started feeling better, so we made muffins}
{Saturday night, hanging out with mom}
{Seriously, her precious little hands get me every time!}
Sunday morning fashion show.
I die.


Rox said...

Her looks are changing! She's so beautiful. Her eyes are just amazing. Love watching her grow. Xoxo

Ashley B said...

What a sweetie pie! Love her sweet little hat too.

Anonymous said...

She is so very precious. I love her wardbrobe too! Those little cheeks were made for smooching. You do motherhood so well. Hope she is feeling better quickly!