I originally heard about Chatbooks from Ashley over at Under The Sycamore.  She's such an amazing photographer, I decided if she liked them, I'd give them a try as well.  Plus I love the ease of recording memories and not having to create the book myself, which is fun, but super time consuming.

 I back ordered & had every picture I've ever posted on Instagram printed.  It ended up being 8 books.  The ninth just finished (60 more pictures) and will be heading our way soon as well.  I like that I could name the books-- I chose "The Cunningham Family"-- and that they come labeled as volumes, so it's easy to look through them in order and know the dates included.

 The quality of the books isn't amazing.  But it's good.  And they're so cheap (and it's easy to order replacements) that I don't mind the kids paging through them.

 This is what an inside spread of pictures looks like.  The top left has the date the photo was taken, and under the picture the caption is printed.  

The only drawback for me is that if I wrote a long caption, it prints the caption on the next page.  I don't love how that looks, especially if they don't print together in page spread.  But like I said, for only $8 a book, I can live with it!

I spent the whole evening last night looking through every book (and being amazed at how far I've come since the miscarriages last year) and the boys spent all morning pouring through them, exclaiming at their clothes, toys & all the fun memories I captured.  
What fun!



Ashley said...

Is your instagram public?! whats your name?!

Vanessa Quigley said...

I loved seeing all of your Chatbooks! Thank you for posting. If you'd rather have long captions print the page facing the photo, you can go into your books and move pages around before they go to print to fix that. We've built Chatbooks to be as close to automatic as possible but there are a few tweaks/edits that you can make if you want. If you have any other questions or issues please reach out to support@chatbooks.com and we'd be happy to help!