Carly- 5 Months

Baby girl, Squish McMush, Carlykins, Carly May, Babykins, is five months old.  It feels both fast & like an eternity.  When I think of the long sleepless nights that began it all back in January, I feel like she was born about three decades ago.  The cold, dark nights are a faint memory.

Now it's warm, sister's got thighs hanging out of her little rompers, and her eyelashes have grown long enough to rest on her sweet cheeks.  She's growing in all the best ways-- babbling, reaching for things and giggling when she feels so inclined.  We all love her so.

So please pardon the next hundred pictures of our girl... I simply can't narrow it down.


Marilynn Raatz said...

That was not enough pictures just so you know.😍😘 I can't even imagine how many pictures I'll need when you're not 15 minutes away!

Tabitha Studer said...

those cheeks! those lips! that little hand! Your girl is so sweet and precious. cannot believe it's been five months!? why, time? being a momma is at the same time, both heartbreaking and wonderful, no?